For Established Companies
Brand Future Workshop

Brand Future Workshop

The clarity to launch new products, reach more customers, and take your brand to its next stage of growth.

Who It's For

Established Organizations with $10M+ ARR


Engagements start at six weeks + two-day workshop

Sample Deliverables
  • 2-Day Brand Focus Workshop
  • 1-Day Product Architecture Workshop
  • Audience Research Study
  • Creative Platform
  • Brand & Style Guide
  • Campaign Design
Key Stakeholders
  • CEO
  • CMO
  • Head of Sales
  • Head of Product
  • Head of Operations
  • Department Leads
  • Key Advisors

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What got you here, won’t get you there. For established brands looking to drive their next stage of growth, we help brand leaders replace internal confusion with the strategic clarity to align teams around a confident vision of the future.

Custom-built to every client, Brand Future projects can include audience research to identify new opportunities, product architecture workshops to clarify your offering, and campaign design to launch new products and categories.

What We Answer

Brand clarity for established companies depends on making hard choices about which parts of your story to focus on—and which to focus less on.

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Who Is Your Audience?

Your value proposition depends entirely on your target customers. We help you understand who they are and what they care about.

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What Do You Do?

You need an ownable position. We distill the complexity of your business into a clear story of what you do, and why it’s valuable.

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How Do You Communicate?

How you express yourself is as important as what you say. We find your brand archetypes to drive consistent and engaging messaging.

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What's Your Brand Focus?

Distill your audience, meaning, and personality into a winning strategy for growth through Figure’s Brand Focus workshops.

Brand Future Process

Brand Audit

Where are you starting from?

We assess the current state of your brand, including stakeholder interviews with founders, leadership, employees, customers, competitors, and key advisors.

Competitive Research

Where is there whitespace?

We research your competitive landscape to understand existing value propositions, design patterns, and opportunities for differentiation in your market space.

Customer Insight Study

Who are your customers?

We conduct ethnographic research into your customers to uncover new opportunities, and the behaviors, motivations, and desires that drive their purchase decisions.

Brand Focus Workshop

Are we aligned?

We lead a two-day workshop to share our findings and build consensus around a clear strategy for driving future growth.

Product Strategy

Does our product fit?

Your product is the most important part of your brand. We lead workshops to align product design, product line architecture, and product messaging with your brand strategy.

Brand & Campaign Design

What's next?

We evolve your brand identity and design system to engage people with your new strategy, and design marketing campaigns to drive awareness and engagement with your renewed brand.

See the Work Brand Focus Makes Possible

  • Highland

    How we launched the leading electric school bus brand.

    Brand Audience
    Transportation Directors
    Brand Meaning
    Accessible Electric Fleets
    Brand Personality
    Brand Focus
    Our Town's Electric Fleet
  • Evolv

    How we built the world’s most creative climbing brand.

    Brand Audience
    The New Wave Climber
    Brand Meaning
    SoCal Climbing Shoes
    Brand Personality
    Brand Focus
    Creative Climbing Projects
  • 47G

    Accelerating Utah’s aerospace and defense industry.

    Brand Audience
    Aerospace and Defense Talent
    Brand Meaning
    Utah’s Aerospace and Defense Ecosystem
    Brand Personality
    Brand Focus
    America’s Deep Tech Frontier
  • AMP

    Translating AI-powered robotics into value for the waste industry.

    Brand Audience
    Wasteshed Executives
    Brand Meaning
    AI-Powered Sortation at Scale
    Brand Personality
    Brand Focus
    The Power to Solve Waste

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