Translating AI-powered robotics into value for the waste industry.



Workshop Type

Brand Launch


  • Sequoia Capital
  • Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund
  • GV
  • Valor Equity Partners
  • Wellington Management
  • Congruent Ventures
  • Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners

When we met, AMP had powerful A.I. and robotic technology, but no way to clearly communicate its value to their customers.

We helped AMP articulate a more focused value proposition that would resonate with their customers in the waste industry, which we used to drive a new product architecture and brand strategy. We amplified the resulting focus, “The Power to Solve Waste,” through a new visual identity, website, and case study films.

What we created

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Product Strategy
  • Case Study Films
  • Website Design
  • Brand Collateral

Web Development



  • Eastcherry
  • Two Gents

3D Art

Andrés Belisario


John Hamblin


  • Mac Moss
  • Kat Jones

Motion Design

Calvin Keller

A portrait of a site manager wearing AMP gear inside of a waste facility.
An exterior of a black building with white AMP signage overtop.
A portrait of a waste facility employee, smiling and wearing AMP gear.
A mobile phone screen shows data and results captured from AMP's AI and insights platform.
Rows of sorted recycled materials in bales inside of a waste facility.
An advertisement for AMP on a billboard with the message, "See it, know it, sort it."

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Accelerating Utah’s aerospace and defense industry.

Brand Audience
Aerospace and Defense Talent
Brand Meaning
Utah’s Aerospace and Defense Ecosystem
Brand Personality
Brand Focus
America’s Deep Tech Frontier