The 47G Logo on top of a night sky.

Accelerating Utah's aerospace and defense industry.



Workshop Type

Brand Launch

For their launch, the Utah Aerospace and Defense Association needed to articulate a vision for how the state could become a premier ecosystem for aerospace and defense technology—and a brand that would lend that vision credibility.

We helped 47G craft a strategy to attract aerospace and defense talent to Utah by tapping into the state’s frontier heritage and entrepreneurial spirit. Positioning Utah as “America’s Deep Tech Frontier,” we renamed the association 47G—a nod to the limits of human acceleration and Utah’s pioneers of 1847.

What We Created

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Creative Platform
  • Website Design


  • Will Tuddenham
  • Kevin Tomas

Website Development

ZZ2C Studio

The 47G logo on top of a desert scene.
A portrait of a man in the style of photography used for this brand.
A billboard for 47G within an airport.
A moleskin notebook with the 47G logo embossed on the front.

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