Visual Study No. 01 

Purchasing Presence

CBD and it’s cultural backdrops
It’s 2020 and we’re currently residing in a culture of stress and distraction. Busier than ever; existing in various, digital spaces at once, while we live in a single space with the same self, day in and day out. The unrelenting anxieties, distractions, and displacements cause us to idealize a calm and present lifestyle. So what do we do, we look for a quick fix. We look for a way to simulate, activate or create the idealized lifestyle. Today, in a time when “health is wealth”, we are supposed to actively relax; meditate, walk, breathing practices, calming teas, etc. The reality of carrying out these lists of “relaxing” duties is not enjoyable, and it takes constant dedication, which none of us want to do; and requires time that none of us have. The answer seems to be the wonder-drug, CBD, a cure-all which requires zero input other than being purchased, consumed, and experienced in various forms (see fig. 1). Like many wonder-drugs CBD is subject to scrutiny and blind faith; both of which create the pressures necessary for tribal-like consumerism. So, what tribes do companies choose to talk to and what are their visual signals.

Based on our visual research we see most cbd brands operating within some level of wellness but we identified subcultures within this wellness market that rose to the top. The largest one which we wound were good vibes, holistic health, convenience, pleasure & intimacy, food(?), fitness, and medicine. This page serves as a simple reference point to see how these subcultures are being communicated to using imagery, packaging, and advertising. All of the imagery below is limited to pulls from instagram except for the case of the convenience market which pulls directly from marketplaces like Amazon. 

Fig. 1

Visual Space 

Good Vibes

Color, happiness, art and play are all a part of this segment of the CBD market share. 

@Beauty Grass
@Sweet Reason



The sector of wellness emphasises visuals suggesting a soulful, and healthful lifestyle filled with color, vibrancy, and vitality.

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