Rylo Studio Launch
Brand Strategy & Campaign Production   
In an era when social content is cultural currency, Rylo created Studio to put cutting-edge video-editing tools in the palm of your hand. We partnered with Rylo on the launch of Studio, developing strategic focus around an untapped audience of video makers, and producing campaign assets that engaged influential mobile video producers to highlight the platform’s possibilities.

Made for the Maker

In a category dominated by masculine brands and technical tools, Rylo creates intuitive tools for creative self expression. Through our audience research, we identified the opportunity for Studio to win with the female content creators who dominate social photo platforms. Studio’s identity and creative expression needed to answer the needs and desires with this untapped audience of makers.

World In, Story Out
Embracing Rylo’s belief in individual expression across the full spectrum of human experience, we built a creative platform rooted in the concept of Studio as a prism for unique perspectives. Website layouts, feature icons, and user profile design all reflected Rylo’s commitment to personal identity and creativity.

Color Bar
Combining the prism concept and Rylo’s four-letter logotype, we developed the ColorBar: a visual system of four squares used for branding content, identifying creators, and introducing features. 

Feature Highlights
We used the same four-bar system in animated line drawings to introduce and promote the app’s key editing features
Personal Expression 
ColorBar enabled users to create unique swatches from each film they created to identify their content, and serve as a unique identifier within the Rylo community.

A Social Launch 
To promote Rylo Studio’s launch on social media, we partnered with influential social content creators to produce a series of educational social shorts that amplified the powerful simplicity of Studio’s key features.

VSCO Acquisition

Following Studio’s launch, VSCO acquired Rylo, incorporating Studio’s video editing capabilities into the VSCO app.