Startup Brand Package
Following the close of a successful seed round, Measured needed the creative tools to launch the brand. Through our Startup Brand Package, we named the company, helped hone their strategic focus, and deployed a lightweight identity system flexible enough to evolve as Measured grows.

At a time when sophisticated cyber attacks are emerging as an existential threat to businesses, Measured uses AI-Powered analytics to track clients’ exposure in real time and create smarter insurance products. We chose a name that reflects this calculated approach, and developed a design system imbued with the calm confidence that comes from knowing you’re protected.

A muted palette with purple accents, paired with a minimalist dot-matrix brand animation, helps Measured stand out in a category saturated with crypto-digital clipart ripped from The Matrix.

While traditional insurance covers events with long and predictable histories (fires, floods, plagues of locusts), the threat vectors of ransomware, viruses, and other cyber attacks evolve on a monthly basis. We designed Measured a mobile-first website to help position the brand as a thought-leader in the space, with frequent white papers and analysis of recent high profile attacks.